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2021 DCPS Arts Experience 

Performing Arts

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2021 DCPS Arts Festival provides performing arts students the opportunities to submit their works that are relevant to the theme of the festival. Works that are shorter than 20 minutues are encouraged. Videos or performance clips can be recorded in any platform such as TikTok, Instagram, or Facebook Live, however, a mp4 or wav video file must be submitted instead of a link.

Performing Arts

Open Submissions


Teacher can submit any students' work that represents the "I am DC" theme. Meaningful works from Living through History Cornerstones are also encouraged. Works that can fit into the criteria will be prioritized:

  • Fits into the "I am DC" theme

  • Demonstrates elements of culturally-responsive curriculum

  • Orignial works that represent the student

  • Theater or dance works that are culturally-diversed/multicultural or created by POC playwriters or choreographers 

K - 12 Performing Arts

Emerging Artists


Working with a Hirshhorn Museum teacher artist, Emerging Artists is a group of 25+ high school students discovering the skills of creating a 3D animated space. The culminating project will be the 3D virtual exhibit space for our district-wide art events. Participated students will also receive elective credits to participate this program during the afterschool time.

This program has began. Please reach out to for more information.

9 - 12 
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