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Rep My City

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Bard HS Student's Work - Access Myself

The arts have been an important outlet for students during distance learning. Exploring their new reality in music, theater, dance and visual arts allows students a safe space to discover and voice their emotions and thoughts.

Arts education in DC Public Schools cultivates students’ ability to create and empowers
them to use their voice with courage.

Rep My City Virtual Reality Showcase Walkthrough Video

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In an unprecedented year, DCPS responded with innovation. A unique collaboration was created. Hirshhorn X GENESIS + DCPS challenged students to share their experiences of DC life through art and immersive technology. REP MY CITY! Showcase is a public virtual exhibition of DCPS student work on the GENESIS campus.
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The DCPS 2021 Arts Experience is a cumulative virtual festival for DCPS students in Spring 2021 that will involve collaboration with multiple partners. This festival will be a collective display of arts experiences by DCPS students with the intent of emphasizing the importance of arts education. Students will have the opportunity to display the process and product of their involvement in the arts throughout the course of the 2020-2021 school year. The theme of this year's experience will be "Rep My City" which focuses on empowering students and reimagining the future of arts education in DC. 

An Innovative Virtual Space:

Using a virtual reality exhibition space created by a production team, led by Hirschhorn’s Art Lab, Genesis Steam and a group of DCPS students. The students will design and curate virtual 3D exhibition rooms that showcase various students’ works in 2D and 3D artwork photographed, murals, music performances, theater, and dance performances. The audience will enter the virtual space as an avatar to view the interactive exhibition. 

Emerging Artist Cohort:
In addition to the city-wide arts showcase, a select group of DCPS high schoolers are part of an Emerging Artists Program at the Hirshhorn’s ARTLAB. They not only designed and curated the virtual showcase, they learned the software Mozilla Hubs to develop their own virtual rooms. Collectively, they are telling the story of DC through their very own eyes. Check out each of their spaces at the link below.


View the virtual rooms created by our

Emerging Artist Cohort of High School Students:

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In partnership with the Children's Chorus of Washington (CCW), a group of DCPS elementary students across different wards gathered together as the 2021 DCPS Honor Choir and participated in a series of workshops hosted by CCW.  

In a year when connection was difficult and isolation was prevalent, this program allowed students to learn and create a musical product together, overcome technical hurdles, and meet the challenge of working independently to contribute to the ensemble. Click below to enjoy the 2021 Honor Chorus rendition of "Shine Like Stars."

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