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The arts are a function of being human, as they have been in every culture across time. Arts education in DC Public Schools cultivates each student’s ability to create and empowers them to use their voice with courage. DCPS Arts develops the critical problem solving and communication skills of students that are vital in creating today’s complex society. 

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In the Framework for Arts Learning, students engage with themes across developmental stages, revisiting ideas as they progress and grow through arts learning. Offering the Arts as a method of student agency and exploration.

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DCPS Arts actively seeks to build relationships with arts organizations and artists whose visions for arts education align with our own. We work collaboratively with these arts organizations to develop and execute programming that connects the classroom curriculum with external experiences. .



DCPS Division of the Arts

DC Public Schools: Office of Teaching

and Learning

1200 First St. NE, 8th Floor 20002

  • DIRECTOR/Mary Lambert

  • VISUAL ARTS/Patrick McDonough

  • ARTS INNOVATION/Lindsey Vance

  • MUSIC/Robert Battle

  • MUSIC & PERFORMING ARTS/Katy Weatherly

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Teacher Support

DCPS Arts provide teacher support such as coaching cycle, town hall, classroom support, additional opportunities from partners, and facilitate communication between Central Office and teachers.


DCPS Arts advocates art education for students and teachers in the D.C. area. We constantly seek opportunities to voice the needs and provide resources and strategies to our teachers and students. 



DCPS Arts provide professional development for teachers multiple times a year. In the past, we covered PD topics such as culturally responsive teaching, advanced arts techniques and skills, arts best practices, and trauma-informed teaching.


DCPS Arts collaborate with various arts organizations to provide resources, opportunities, and district-wide events for our teachers and students.