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DCPS Arts work collaboratively with multiple arts organizations to develop and execute programming that connects the classroom curriculum with external experiences. Many of these enrichments are a part of the DCPS Cornerstone program that supports foundational student experiences present in all schools across the district. The following deep, multi-year collaborations create transformative student experiences in DCPS Arts. Below are some examples of local collaborators we are working with to create student engagement.

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DC Keys 

A collaboration with Washington Performing Arts and launched in 2017, DC Keys is an instructional model that places the keyboard as the central instrument of instruction in DCPS music classrooms.


DCPS Honors Ensembles 

A collaboration with Washington Performing Arts, The Washington Chorus, and Children's Chorus of Washington that brings top-performing students together to create a yearly themed concert on a transformational topic.


DCPS Music & Performing Arts Festival 

 A collaboration with the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts that provides any DCPS ensemble the opportunity to perform at the Kennedy Center for peers, friends, family, and adjudicators


DCPS EverydayDC 

A collaboration with the Pulitzer Center on Crisis reporting, EverydayDC is a digital visual literacy program in middle grades program that provides students with experience as a photojournalist and asks them to take control of their own narrative. The program culminates in a student-curated citywide exhibition and is derived from the EverydayDC cornerstone curriculum for grades 6 through 8.

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Transform DC 

A collaboration with local artist Blue Robin, Transform DC is a mural project where students work collaboratively to create large scale murals that are exhibited at the National Building Museum. The murals are a part of the Transform Cornerstone curriculum for grades 9 through 12.

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Color The Curb Murals

Color the Curb is a joint agency project between the  DDOT's Arts in the Right-of-Way program, CAH, and DCPS. AROW supports artist designs that transform intersections into works of art to increase the safety and visibility of pedestrians while adding visual interest to the area. Each year, the Color the Curb program identifies four public elementary schools where curb extensions are installed to elevate the importance of road and pedestrian safety. 


The DCPS 2021 Arts Showcase was a cumulative virtual festival for DCPS students in Spring 2021. This was a collective display of arts experiences by DCPS students with the intent of emphasizing the importance of arts education. The theme of this experience was "Rep My City" which focuses on empowering students and reimagining the future of arts education in DC.  


Using a virtual reality exhibition space created by a production team, led by Hirschhorn’s Art Lab, Genesis Steam and a group of DCPS students. The students designed and curated virtual 3D exhibition rooms that showcase various students’ works in 2D and 3D artwork photographed, murals, music performances, theater, and dance performances. 


In partnership with the Children's Chorus of Washington (CCW), a group of DCPS elementary students across different wards gathered together as the 2021 DCPS Honor Choir and participated in a series of workshops hosted by CCW.  

In a year when connection was difficult and isolation was prevalent, this program allowed students to learn and create a musical product together, overcome technical hurdles, and meet the challenge of working independently to contribute to the ensemble. Click below to enjoy the 2021 Honor Chorus rendition of "Shine Like Stars."


DCPS Arts Collaborators

Children's Chorus of Washington
Boolean Girls
Hirshhorn Museum of Art
Levine Music

DCPS Arts works closely with numerous organizations. This list only contains the organizations that signed a MOA/MOU or contract with us. If you are interested in becoming an official partner with DCPS Arts, please see the flow chart below.

  • How do I become a collaborator of DCPS Arts?
    There are multiple ways to become a collaborator of DCPS Arts. Please refer to the flow chart above for further details. And please do not hesistate to contact if you have further queestions.
  • What are some ways my organization can collaborate with DCPS Arts?
    You can collaborate with DCPS Arts to provide field trips opportunities, in-school or after-school programs or residencies, teacher development opportunities, teacher workshops, performances, supplies or instruments donations, and more.
  • What are the steps to become an official partner of DCPS Arts?
    Depending on the service or opportunities you are providing, some of the steps including contact the Arts Team and set up a meeting, draft a MOA/MOU, fill out a school program application or a donation form, etc. Please refer to the official DCPS Partnerships website to find more resources and to the flow chart for detailed steps.
  • What are the progress to send volunteers or teaching artists to DCPS arts program?
    After contacting the DCPS Arts Team, any personel going into DC Public Schools or hosting a virtual student event will need a security clearance. There are three types of clearnace: volunteer clearance, student teacher clearance, and contractor clearnace. Please take a look at this page for further details:
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