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2021 DCPS Honor Chorus

Partnering with Children's Chorus of Washington

Children's Chorus of Washington nurtures artistic excellence and empowers young singers by celebrating our shared humanity and the value of every voice.

2021 DCPS Honor Chorus 
A Children's Chorus of Washington and DCPS Arts Partnership Program


The Children's Chorus of Washington has partnered with DCPS Arts for the past two years to provide a city-wide elementary treble chorus program with the goals of collaboration across schools; reducing barriers to participation especially in neighborhoods farthest from opportunity; exposure to developmentally appropriate and culturally responsive repertoire; and partnership with DCPS teachers. In 2020, the program served nearly 175 singers from all eight wards.


Shine Like Stars

This year, we hosted the program remotely on Microsoft Teams. 52 student representing 11 schools were registered participants. Over the course of ten weeks students learned a song in sections, practiced at home with asynchronous resources, and learned how to record their voice parts in Soundtrap, an online music application. Then, students performed on video via Teams. The audio and video recordings were mixed and edited together to produce the final video you see here. 


In a year when connection was difficult and isolation was prevalent, this program allowed students to learn and create a musical product together, overcome technical hurdles, and meet the challenge of working independently to contribute to the ensemble. We are proud of the dedication the students showed, and grateful for the support of their amazing teachers. This video is a celebration of our students’ perseverance and determination to accomplish a goal and share their love for singing. They are an inspiration and true stars. Please enjoy the 2021 Honor Chorus rendition of "Shine Like Stars."

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