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Term 2/November Newsletter

Term 2 updates

SY20-21 Required Curricular Task (RCT) Guidance for the Arts

As a response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and the varying operational scenarios for SY20-21, instructional time and content for DCPS students has reduced. Content teams have reorganized curricular sequences to ensure that students and teachers are engaged in grade level instruction.

Within each canvas course, Required Curricular Tasks (RCTs), have been identified for teachers as periodic measures of student progress for standards prioritized for student learning in that term. Schools will ensure implementation, grading, and analysis of student achievement on RCTs in order to accomplish the following:

o assess student strengths and areas of need on scheduled standards

o plan responsive instruction, while continuing to address new learning

For more information on the Arts RCT document, please see the guidance here, and the all contents RCT document, see guidance here.

Supplies Update

The Arts team has bundled the current stock of visual art supplies for schools. Check with your DSL/admin for the arrival of this first round of supplies by the end of next week. More to come as all the backorder items come in the next couple of months. You will need to work with your admin to set up distribution days for your students to pick up the supplies.

Reach out to the arts team if you have questions or need the list of supplies sent to your school.

For Elementary Teachers: How to start your own CCC?

CCC Strategies for Non-Aspen-Scheduled Content Areas

Many elementary teachers teach students for whom they are not teachers of record in Aspen. These may include inner core, departmentalized, LAD, and co-teachers. Below are three options for accessing, planning, and reaching students with your content.

Canvas Course Options




Please see the complete guidance here.

Additional Resources

· Sub-account administrators: Add a new course in Canvas

· Shared CCC Management


Resources and updates

Budget Guidance

October 1st marked the beginning of our fiscal year, and the opportunity for you to work with your administration to create your art and music supply orders. The art and music supply line item for your school can be found on the dcps data site; under the ‘21 initial school budget, and line item arts or music supplies. This year has presented additional needs for school budgets, please seek a time to present your needs to your administration and to discuss budget options.

COVID Guidelines for the Arts

The COVID Guidelines for the Arts are suggestions for DCPS music, visual arts, theater and dance teachers based on the “OCOO COVID-19 Operations Handbook.” The purpose of this document is to help teachers and administrators plan for their classrooms to use a hybrid learning model and/or virtual instruction when schools reopen. As plans continue to develop, this document will be regularly updated to reflect the changes.

Technology Resources for DCPS Arts SY20-21

The DCPS Arts department is excited to provide resources and academic programs to ensure rigorous and joyful learning experiences for every student. We have done that by securing additional software support the virtual learning environment. Please use this document as basic troubleshooting guidelines. Reach out to the Arts Team if you encounter any technical difficulties.

Living Through History Student Work

Please celebrate the student submissions from term 1 for the Living Through History cornerstone here. Submissions will be accepted all year for this cornerstone.

Mr. Holland’s Opus Foundation Survey Thank you to all who have completed the MHOF Survey. Your responses are greatly appreciated and will help pave the path for a more equitable arts education!

DCPS Teachers Opportunities

Check out both the DCPS Arts Teachers Microsoft Teams page and the Arts Website regularly for extra opportunities, professional development, field trips, competitions, or grant opportunities for you and your students.


Upcoming Agenda

For DCPS teachers host by Herbie Hancock Institute Vice President Dr. JB Dyas

Wednesday, November 18, 1-3 pm

Wednesday, November 18, 3pm

Did you miss the Adobe Spark session on Nov 4? We have the recording for you to view here. Unfortunately, the first half of the training recording was lost due to teams shutting down. However the best part was saved. See how Adobe Spark is integrated in Canvas!

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