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Welcome all DCPS new art, music, and performing arts teachers!

Welcome to the DCPS Arts Team! We are so happy to have you in our schools. I know this is a particularly interesting year to start in a new school district, but we are all new to this virtual learning adventure together. You all attended the New Educator Orientation this week, and it may have answered some questions and added many new ones. Here are some resources to support you for now:

  1. NEO website,

  2. New Arts Teacher Packet here

  3. Our welcome video here

  4. here you will find our curriculum, framework for arts learning, partners, and much more. (PD page is password protected only for DCPS teachers- please find it in your email or contact for the password)

Two calendar items:

  1. We will host a new teacher coffee chat on Friday August 28th from 9-10am, link to join here.

  2. The arts team will have office hours from 9am-4pm on Friday, August 28th for any needs that arise, link

Next week is the preservice professional development week. You will receive a lot of information and I encourage you to focus on what you need for August 31st. Items like Impact, grading, and field trips can wait for another day. But knowing how to login and use canvas and teams are a day one need. Getting your first weeks of canvas course pages set up are a week one need(or a plan from your principal if you are still waiting on login credentials)

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